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Rd 90 Course Syllabus
Portland Community College
2305 SE 82nd and Division
Portland, OR 97216

Winter 2014
(January 7th-March 19th, 2014)
Theme: Acceptance

Instructor: Jocelin Higgins
Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday directly after class or by appointment.
Email: jocelin.higgins@pcc.edu (best way to reach me)
Telephone: (971) 722-3749 to leave a message.
Course Number: 12504: 3 credit hours
Course Meeting Time and Location:
T/Th: 12-1:20pm. Room Tabor 137
My Office: Mt. Tabor 122

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you’ll go.” –Dr. Seuss

Welcome to Reading 90. This course assists you in improving your reading skills as well as developing new ones in order to be successful in collegiate reading. You will learn and work on reading comprehension, reading rate, motor skills, vocabulary building, critical reading and thinking, and reading for academic purposes. I look forward to working with you through this process.

Prerequisite: Placement into RD 90 or successful completion of RD 80.

Note: Texts and materials are available at the PCC Bookstore. You are required to bring your texts and other relevant course documents to every class meeting. (This is at least two current chapters from The Master Reader ala carte edition).

Textbook and Supplies:
Text: The Master Reader Ala Carte Alternative Edition, 3/E
ISBN: 9780321880505
Novel: Wild by Cheryl Strayed
ISBN: 9780307476074

*A dictionary (print) collegiate *A pocket folder,* 3X5 notecards, *post-it notes, *highlighters, * a stapler *a separate notebook. You will be learning new vocabulary as well as how to annotate and these materials are needed for this process.

Course Outcomes and Goals:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
Realistically find and articulate a main idea with major details in various texts.
Be able to read and think critically, know the difference between fact and fiction.
Identify and determine an author’s purpose and bias.
Learn how to utilize reading for many purposes, including but not limited to, learning, intellectual stimulation, pleasure, vocabulary development.
Be effective at adjusting your reading rate depending on what you are reading.
Demonstrate successful college study skills and behaviors.
Be adequately prepared to move onto Reading 115.

In this course, you’ll read articles and essays to practice reading critically and to broaden vocabulary. We will use in-class practice to work on analyzing and responding to varied texts, you will engage in a set of independent projects to practice reading, writing and research. You’ll also need to be an active member of our classroom community: You are expected to be here on time, prepared for learning, work cooperatively and respectfully with a diverse group of people, and strive to do your very best.

For more information: please see the course guide here: http://www.pcc.edu/ccog/default.cfm?fa=ccog&subject=RD&course=90

PCC Registration/Drop Policy:
Students may attend this course only if registered. Students who are unable to attend must drop the course online or through the registration office. Students who stop attending without dropping will receive a failing grade and will be required to pay for the course. Audit available. To audit the course, please see me for permission and submit a Registration and Change form by January 10th
To have tuition charges removed students must drop the course by January 11th via MyPCC. To Withdraw from the class and receive a W, students must drop by March 1st.

Classroom Courtesy:
This room is a place in which we come together in peace and safety. Please refrain from crude language or unkind or discriminatory remarks (written or oral). I may not accept any assignment that is violent or based on the writer’s prejudices against other groups of people. Please don’t ask to be excused from group work or expect to work only with