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HAT Task 1
July 21, 2012

There is a sign on the Highway as you enter Celina that reads, “One of 100 best small towns”. Celina is a rural community in North Western Ohio. It is home of the largest manmade lakes ;{ it is 21 square miles covering over 13,500 acres in both Mercer and Auglaize counties.}Corn fields and farms surround the city on all sides and country air can make an outsider either smile or cover their nose; 60.6% of the population is rural living. Main street is home of some of the city’s oldest buildings and is where the Court house is located. Friday nights are for football games in the fall and basketball in the winter. Sunday mornings you can wake to the sound of church bells. Occasionally you’ll hear the whistle of a
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Alarmingly 3.6% confessed to drinking and driving. When asking neighbors and community members about the safety of their neighborhood they believed that underage drinking was a major concern with a statistic of 89% agreeing with this. Drug and alcohol abuse were also top problems noted with 74.3% and 84.5%. Scary statistic motor vehicle crash death rate is almost doubled, 21, the Ohio and National average of 12. Other areas Mercer county scored higher than the National average was in STD’s 98-84 and Teen pregnancy 27-22. In screening for Diabetes we scored less than the state 77%-83%; and mammogram screening and 62%-66%. Population percentage that has diabetes is 11%. In Mercer County the prevalence for HIV is 40,666.
Environmental concerns and statistics found on County Health Rankings website air pollution days in the County are ranked a 3 which is greater than the 2 for the State of Ohio; we had 0 ozone days which is less than the 6 ranking of Ohio. Score Card website Ranks Celina overall as a clean air County. The rankings for the manufacturers polluting the air are Aluminum Precision Tech as the number one pollutant in Mercer County, 261 pounds. Second is Fort Recovery Industry’s INC polluting 28 pounds, and third Pax’s Machine Works polluting 20 pounds. The top 6 chemicals being polluted: copper, nickel, chromium, lead compounds, nitric acid and lastly lead. The TRI sources health report from