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Adolf Hitler from Austrian-Germany borders and Napoleon from a cruel farm remained to be vicious and frightful dictators in their own century. Adolf Hitler was one of the most ruthless and inhuman dictators that stepped on this earth, with a gift of good speech, double speak and valuable propaganda. He used his talent of good speech to manipulate the parties and the people of Germany. Adolf Hitler also able used scapegoating to identify their enemy’s the Jews. Napoleon was a brutal and vicious dictator in the farm. Napoleon used fear and propaganda against his parties and the animals. He used the nine dogs to terror and alarms other animals of the farm. Squealer was a form of propaganda in animal farm, making napoleons ideas sound better and useful. Therefore Napoleon testified to be a better leader and an outstanding dictatorship against Hitler. As Napoleon used force versus scapegoating and doublespeak. Napoleon rose with his ruling tactics, and had full control of its farm. Nevertheless the two pair Hitler and Napoleon was cold-blooded and heartless.

Adolf Hitler and Napoleon both rose to power and dictatorship is various different ways. Hitler was born in April 20th, 1889 in the Austrian-Germany borders. Hitler’s father was a strict man, working as a customs official. Hitler’s father wanted his son Adolf Hitler to follow his footsteps into becoming a custom official, but Hitler did not like this idea he wanted to become and artist. At age 13 Hitler’s father had passed away, adding a lot of pressure onto Hitler and his family. During this Hitler does not give up, instead he moves to Vienna to an art school, but soon after his application was rejected. Hitler struggles to find meaning in his life due to the lack of money. During this prided of time Hitler decided to join the political parties, attending to their meetings. Its now 1914 and WW1 has began, and Hitler joins the German army, but he was quickly sent back to Germany because of a gas attack done by the Britain. After this major event Hitler quickly takes over the Nazi party, this is where Hitler begins to rise in power and take control of Germany. Soon after the war and the treaty of Versailles the stocks quickly crash and America wants its loans back from Germany, but Germany struggles to pay back America. The people of Germany could not support their family and have to pay millions of dollars have for just bread. The majority of population in Germany was looking for some one to blame this crisis on. Hitler and the Nazi party promises to get ride of the treaty and fix the issues of market crash. On Jan 30, 1933 President Hindenburg has appointed as the chancellor of Germany to Hitler, this made Hitler a virtual dictator. During this time Hitler came to full dictatorship with support of the population of Germany. Hitler used his talent of incredible propaganda and speech to keep him self in full dictatorship. He had used Scapegoating to identify their enemy’s the Jews who signed and agreed to the treaty of Versailles, betraying our own country and land. Napoleon, dictator was born on a cruel and evil farm. He has spent most of his life in poverty working for Mr. Jones alongside other animals in the farm. Napoléon rose to power and dictatorship with hard work and the use of propaganda on the farm. After the death of Mr. Jones and old major he took full control of the farm while killing his opponent Snowball. Napoleon used variety types of propaganda in the farm to take full control of the farm; he used many types of propaganda for example fear and assertion. To gain full control he used fear, by creating a dog military for killing