Hate Groups In The United States

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Hate groups in the USA
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Hate Groups have been around for many years. According to Southern Poverty Law Center, hate groups and other extremists in the USA and exposed their activities in many ways such as law enforcement, the media and even the public. In the United States there are 936 known hate groups in this country. The number of hate groups has increased by 56 percent since the year 2000. In 1990s, the antigovernment patriot movement led to a sting of terrorist plots, including the Oklahoma City bombing. Patriot groups include armed militias. Because of the election of President Obama in 2008 the number of hate groups increased from 149 to 1,360 hate groups, but the number decreased to 1096 in 2013. In the early 1980s, SPLC, co-founder and chief trial counsel Morris Dees pioneered the strategy of using the courts to battle organized, violent hate groups. Since then many cases have been won. These cases have made the SPLC and Dees reviled enemies of the extremist movement. The headquarters in Montgomery has been the target of numerous plots by hate groups. SPLC communicate regularly with law enforcement agencies about extremist activities and conduct in person training for officers at the local, state and federal levels. Although there are so many hate groups in the United States they are gradually declining. According to cnn.com hate groups were at an all-time high during Obamas election and the same groups swelled dramatically as a result, were demoralized by his re-election. Mainstream politicians have also adopted right-wing extremist issues, which could be another reason for the drop. Laws in Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Tennessee aim to stop Islamic Shariah law from being imposed on American courts. According to Potok, Extremist groups also suffered because of their own internal dynamics. But although fewer groups may be active, violence and terrorism stemming from them are still very much present. In the United States the most well-known hate groups and one of the biggest is known as the KKK (The Klu Klux Klan). According to Southern poverty Law Center, California has the distinction of being the state with the most number of hate groups 77 followed by Florida with 58 and Texas with 5. Evaluation

Throughout the two articles the 2 authors were bias against Hate Crimes. This is actually how it’s supposed to be. I think the authors were bias because everyone is supposed to be bias about it besides the hate groups. The two authors explained hate groups in a negative way because to them hate groups are not a good thing. If someone who was involved in hate groups was writing this article it would be the other way around. The subject was timely important because hate groups are a big deal and problem in the United States. Hate groups have actually been a big deal before segregation occurred. Hate groups are important because the world is changing because people of different color and races are growing rapidly. In the United States, people with different backgrounds are now what make up most of the United States. Conclusions were valid and studies were used. The studies that were used were facts about how much hate groups are in the United States. And how and why the hate groups increased and decreased throughout the years. Hate groups grew rapidly dew to Obamas election then decreased for a while and increased once again for his re-election. Most of the hate groups were different groups of KKK members. The research was conducted in an appropriate manner. The samples were represented of the general