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Anna Haugen

Mrs. Jinneman
Pre AP English 10
October 7, 2014
Culture Essay
“Ours is a culture where we expect to be a Christian without being a disciple, expect to be saved without being obedient and expect to grow without making any effort.” As I sat in the pews of my church’s sanctuary, staring blankly at the wall, this quote shined on the screen. For the next twenty minutes my pastor spoke about the meaning of the quote, and how many Christians struggle with living life as a disciple. I realized these pointed words were challenging me to take my faith more seriously and to live more intentionally.
On November 6, 1998, I was born into a christian family. Chosen by my parents to be submerged in water at a young age. I was “dragged to church” every Sunday, but by age eleven I chose to go for myself. Although waking up early on Sunday mornings to go to church was hard, this deliberate choice helped me grow in my faith. Going every morning helped me understand more about what I believed and the community I had around me. Although I grew up in a Christian household, this religion was something I chose on my own. With this choice came new friends, as well as people who disagree with what I believe.
In my high schools culture, some people may judge Christians by what they see, rather than our personalities. Many students at my high school think of some things as

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“normal,” such as swearing or partying. If someone chooses not to do these things, they are thought of as unusual or abnormal. Some christians may disagree with what others believe, which can make life confusing and tough when society is telling you one way of living and when a religion is telling you another. Although there are struggles with being a Christian in society, I always think back to the quote and realize that I must make an effort and be obedient to improve.
My culture consists of many different things, but religion is the one that has shaped who I am today. Christian faith was the culture of my family, and I came to realize that christianity was my culture too. This religion has formed my personality and who I have become friends with. In my sixth grade year, I joined