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Prayer is a wonderful thing it connects us with God in many ways and helps us speak to God about our problems. By praying we know God is listening and that he is protecting us. Prayer is a way to communicate to God about our troubles and needs. Prayer helps us connect with God and a way to relieve yourself because God will help you in any situation. There are also different types of prayer such as Prayer of Praise and Adoration, Prayer of Penitence, Prayer of Petition, Prayer of Thanksgiving, Prayer of Intercession. These are some of the kinds of prayer. In Prayer of Praise and Adoration, this is prayer centered wholly upon God and His eternal characteristics–His majesty, glory, and power; His beauty and lavish love; His mercy and grace. In the prayer of penitence, this is the next step in personal prayer, asking for forgiveness of sin. In Prayer of Petition it means to ask for something. Because we are wholly dependent upon God for life He loves to have us ask for things. Perhaps this is the most used and misused prayer of all time. We all want material prosperity and popularity-but whenever we ask for material things we should remember to add, “Your will be done.” Although God cares about anything that concerns us and He wants us to ask Him for what we need, yet it pleases Him most when we ask for the Holy Spirit and the characteristics of Jesus. Jesus taught us that in order to go to heaven and believe in god you must repent and pray for your sins. We should pray because with the help of God you may have very interesting changes. Another reason is so we may speak to God and he may speak back by doing it. When we pray we should not do it in the streets so everyone may see, but in your room while no one is watching you pray. We should pray when we are troubled the most and have the most problems to tell to God. We should pray alone in your room at night so God knows…