Have Students Activate Prior Knowledge By Listing All Of The Ways That Students Can Think Of To Measure Length Essay

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1. Have students activate prior knowledge by listing all of the ways that students can think of to measure length. Accept all responses, including both standard and non-standard measurements. Students can pair for brainstorming and each pair will come up to Smart Board to record answer into program. Teacher display completed model on smart board to initiate questions and responses.

Students will read book Millions to Measure by David Schwartz that’s uploaded into Actively Learn. During reading the students will answer questions and submit answers..

What’s the difference between the metric system and the standard system?
How are all the units in the metric system related to each other?
How are the metric system and our base ten system related?
What countries use the metric vs. standard (customary) system? (Note: US and Liberia are only countries that use the standard system.)

2. Go back to the list of ways to measure length and sort students’ ideas with the class into metric units and non-metric units. Add units mentioned in the book if they are not already listed.
4. Watch BrainPop - Metric vs. Customary http://www.brainpop.com/math/numbersandoperations/metricvscustomary/
Activity 2: Measurement Hunt
1. Have students cut and assemble the “Make a Meter” activity with a partner. If you do not have access to the blackline master use centimeter grid paper to create a meter. Discuss the comparisons between the size of a cm and the size of a meter.
2. Practice…