Have You Ever Been Hypnotized? Essay

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Kevin Elkins Have you ever bee hypnotized? Most might say no but believe it or not we as citizens are being hypnotized every day and we don’t even realize it. In this article, Novak gives examples and explanations on how television shapes our society. I highly agree with Novak in this article because television has so much variety now and there’s almost nothing that’s not on television these days. Violent and sexual shows set bad examples for our society, biased shows promote lies about political events, and I personally believe that the government controls what is shown to the public. Keep in mind that all of these shows and networks are mainly watched by young people, even children. Over the years it becomes normal to us, but this is no more than hypnotism over the years. The violent and sexual shows of today damage our society more than we realize. Our young people of today feel as if they have to do exactly what they see their “role models” do on television. In recent years reality television has become more popular than ever. A great percentage of these shows contain massive amounts of violence and sexual behavior that do nothing but negatively influence our society. VH1, one of the many reality networks has been targeted on many occasions for allowing these shows to actually go on air. In my opinion, they’re too easily accessed by our upcoming generation. Another major issue I have with the hypnotism going on through television is the negative effect it has had and is still having when it comes to politics. In today’s society, as long as you have the funds you can put whatever you’d like on the air. While tuning into some of my favorite shows, the anti-Obama or Romney commercials often come on that aren’t approved my either candidate. So many false rumors and flat lies are spread this way and do nothing but cause more confusion. It’s often difficult to decipher what has some truth to it and what’s a complete lie. To a certain extent, I believe that the government controls what is viewed by the public. There are so many secrets and unanswered…