Have you ever been to a tropical island Essay

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A Place I Enjoy Visiting

Have you ever been to a tropical island? I have. My favorite island is Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is filled with great resorts. It is located in the Caribbean Sea next to Haiti. The Dominican Republic is also a well know celebrity hangout. The place I enjoying visiting is Dominican Republic because it has beautiful beaches, awesome places to visit and excellent restaurants.

The Dominican Republic has beautiful beaches. The water is a sharp aqua blue color that isn’t seen at many beaches. It has nice waves for surfing and great sand to play sports. The beaches are also known for great snorkeling and scuba diving views. The Dominican Republic beaches are very breathtaking and are very relaxing.

Secondly, The Dominican Republic has great places to visit. There are many resorts; one resort in particular that stands out is Tortuga Bay. The scenery at Tortuga Bay is beautiful and is a five star resort. It's a family friendly place that includes horseback riding and even private bar-b-qs. These are just a few of some of the great places you can visit at Dominican Republic.

Thirdly, The Dominican Republic has excellent restaurants. The restaurants have great seafood. They have baby blue crabs which have a nice and unique flavor. The fried shrimp is outstanding because it is crunchy and coconut fried. The island also produces great barbeque meals. I also enjoy visiting because they have one of my favorite dishes which is plantains.…