Essay about having asthma

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Having Asthma
By: Becca Newman
Period: 5/6
Date: 10/30/13
Teacher: Peterson

I was born with asthma. I have a severe case of asthma. Asthma has affected my life in so many ways. Three ways that asthma has effect my life is I can’t breathe normally around strong perfumes or scents. I get short of breath playing soccer, and I have a lot of asthma attacks. During the day, it will get hard to breath and so I have to use my inhaler. But there are also so many things that will trigger my asthma. Some things that will make it hard to breathe for me is really strong perfume. If it is really strong then I will need to take my inhaler. During the day I will start having an asthma attack if my bag is too heavy. Also if I am walking early in the morning my lungs get tight and it gets hard to breath. Secondly, asthma will affect me playing soccer. I have to go to the doctor twice a month because I play soccer and my doctor said, “Normally people who have asthma cannot play sports”. (Doctor Claudson). Since I have been playing soccer for most of my life I have gotten used to being short of breath while playing soccer. I have to take my inhaler 15 minutes before doing soccer or else I will have an asthma attack during the game. But the weather will also affect my breathing. If the weather is cold my lungs get tight and it gets hard to breathe, so I will have to be pulled out of the game so I can catch my breath. During the games if I make too many fast and long runs I will also get short of breathe so I have to be pulled out for that too. When people are having an asthma attack it gets super hard to breath and your inhaler does not really help. I know this feeling far too well. A lot of things will trigger my asthma. But it’s mostly dog and cat fur. I am really allergic to them but it also does not help that I have two cats and a dog. So I am…