Having a Job Essay

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McKenna Turner
Period 1

A crazy statistic, only 16% of high school students have a job. I consider myself lucky to be a part of that small percentage. I have been working at an Italian restaurant since the day I turned 16. My work has dramatically changed my high school experience for the better. I have learned more working for a year than I have the past few years of high school. I feel like I got a jump-start on life since I will be working for the next 45 years!
I think all students that have free time should get some sort of job outside of school to keep busy and prepare them for their future, and it never hurts to have a little extra money! Working as a host and waitress has made me more outgoing and more comfortable around people, I feel like I can talk to anyone now. Interviews used to make me so nervous, no matter the cause, but now I don’t mind. Being forced to talk to strangers every day really changed how I interact with people now, no more awkward silences for me…
Besides improving my social skills; I have also got a lot stronger in math, marketing, learning how to present myself, and how to be more professional. Being a cashier taught me how to count a lot faster and it’s a very good skill to have because I will be dealing with money for the rest of my life. I have to be professional 100% of the time, which makes me feel like I’m prepared for anything at anytime. Also my manager pushes his employees to sell, sell, sell and talk about new things that are…