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American Government and Public Affairs
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Having a job as a President is a lot of responsibilities. I commend them because I could not do it. The job of a President is very stressful. I watch our current President Obama and looked back when he first got into office how nice he looked. I am not saying he still does not look nice but now he has more gray hair then before. The president as the chief executive officer is the enforcer of the laws of the United States. The president also serves as the head of state. The president can also propose legislation to Congress and lobby Congressional members on key votes (Ragone, 2004, p. 102). The president also serves as commander in chief of the armed forces. The president has the unique ability to grant pardons from federal crimes. President can forgive the crimes of an individual as well as eliminate their punishment. Also has the ability to select judges to become Supreme Court Justices though each nominee must be approved by Congress. Presidents also choose their own cabinets. The president has the power to sign bills into law after they pass both the House of Representatives and Senate. Presidents also prevent bills from becoming laws by using the power to veto bills and congress has the ability to override presidential vetoes with a two third majority. Some purpose of these powers of the president for example is when a member of the