Having a Strong Economy Is More Important Than Having Robust Biodiversityine Essay

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Having a Strong Economy is More Important than Having Robust Biodiversity When human beings entered into the industrial era, the environment was disrupted and a robust biodiversity was diminished. With the global and flourishing development of industrialization, the destruction of the environment has caused the effects of global warming, air pollution and species extinction. Hence, environmental conservation organizations and animal protection groups are active in protecting the environment and rare animals. They have had some impact in reducing environmental damage and delaying species extinction rates. On the other hand, humans need to develop the economy which sometimes means to occupy the land and use resources, even if it is at the expense of animals, especially endangered animals because people need obtain resource from nature in order to make social progress. The conflict of whether developing the economy or protecting biodiversity is more important has been debated endlessly. If, however, people were forced to choose between the two, that of economy versus robust biodiversity, most people will put the needs of humans first. Many think that having a strong economy is more important than having robust biodiversity because developing the economy helps people eliminate poverty, enhance the quality of life, and helps people and countries create wealth. One reason that having a strong economy is more important than having robust biodiversity is that developing the economy helps people eliminate poverty. Impoverished countries need to get rid of poverty even at the expense of protecting rare animals. For example, in the early period of American history, the early settlers in the east were always poor. The government of America encouraged the poor settlers to move out west in order to develop “no man’s land.” Hence, housing was created, farmland was established and various industries were founded. The new settlers shook off poverty via by getting resources from the nature. However, westward movement caused the species in western states to become extinct. The best-known species is the buffalo which ran in the Great Plains, has died out due to their habitats disappearing. Therefore, the westward movement caused the effect that the North American buffalo became one of the almost extinct species, but it helped