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In 1778 the Europeans first came to Hawaii. The Hawaiian island peoples has highly organized, self­sufficient, social system and then have good language. The Hawaii government was established in 1810 by King Kamehameha I. The Hawaiian Kingdom was governed until 1838, without legal enactments, and was based upon a system of common law, The Declaration of Rights of 1839 recognized three classes of persons having vested rights in the lands. Although It declared protection of these rights to both the Chiefly and native Tenant classes these rights were not limited to the land. First, King Kamehameha III voluntarily relinquished his absolute powers and attributes, The
King represented the vested right of the government class, the house of nobles represented the vested right of the chiefly class, and the house of representatives represented the vested rights of the tenant class. The government was established to protect and acknowledge the rights already declared by the 1839 declaration of rights. Second, The Hawaiian Kingdom was recognized as an Independent State in 1843, hawaii had a great possibility of being invaded so Kamehameha III Sent representatives to the
United States and European negotiators,
The ali'i nui was steward of all lands for the good of all. And then Kamehameha III permitted an unprecedented system of land division and ownership, the Great Mahele. Originally, one third of the land was allotted to ali'i. The king's portion was called Crown lands but one­third of the land was planned to be government lands. Third, Hawai’i was thus the first non­European indigenous state to be admitted into the
Family of Nations. The United States declined to join with France and the United Kingdom in this statement, even though President John Tyler had verbally recognized Hawaiian
Independence, it was not until 1849 that the United States formally recognized Hawaii as a fellow nation. November 28 became a national holiday to celebrate the recognition of Hawaii's