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When treating individuals of a different culture other than your own it is very important to consider the differences between your culture as well as theirs. Behaviors and actions that we may feel to be offensive or even disrespectful, another culture may see no wrong they may feel that this is the way to behave. Respecting other cultures is very important it may also be a good idea to try and learn other cultures especially if you work with many different cultures. Mexican culture has such a different perception on health and health care than many other cultures and individuals. Mexican culture principles of cross-cultural communication would be nonverbal. Nonverbal communication with Mexicans is very big, because to them nonverbal communication is a type of respect. These individuals feel that they do not have to give direct eye contact when dealing with health care professionals, or any type of an authority figure (cops, and or paramedic). They also prefer a handshake rather than being touched, saying hello makes them feel more welcomed. Mexican Americans do not like to be touched by individuals that they do not know. Mexican Americans are very family orientated they would do any and everything to protect their families. When it comes to healthcare in the Mexican culture the women are the ones who goes to the doctors rather than the males, and the women are required to see female healthcare providers rather than males. When it comes to them communicating with their healthcare provider is fairly difficult, because of it is fairly hard for them to communicate because of the language barriers. It is hard for them to understand and speak English so this is what it hard for them to communicate and it is also hard for them to understand the medical terms. They have a strong perception on spiritual medicine, they like to use home remedies, because they feel that home remedies are more better especially because…