The Impact Of HCI

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HCI has helped culture develop through many ways of entertainment such as games. Gaming has promoted team building and competitive playing, a lot of online gaming has linked people from different parts of the world and different backgrounds together and has allowed them all to communicate. HCI has also been used for laptops/ mobile computing which allows the user to use a computing device even when away from home. mobile computers come in a lot of different sizes such as tablet pcs, smart phones and laptops. There are also mobile translators available which are a lot more accurate than online ones which would help you communicate with people from different cultures.
Human computer interaction or HCI is the study of the interactions of humans and computers; a basic goal for HCI is to make a better relationship between computers and people by making computers more useable.
HCI was first introduced in the late 1970s the only people who used computers was information technology professionals and dedicated hobbyists. This changed when computers were distributed in the later 1970s, personal computers included both personal software and personal computer platforms, and this made everyone able to become computer users.

society: HCI is used alot in society, trying to make everything in your daily lives more simple, and example of this would be in mobile phones, mobile phones has become alot easier to use over the years with making the phone smaller and no longer needing buttons, you could also change the settings to make it voice activated if you struggle with the controls of the phone. Another example of HCI in society is using it to help improve usability or user friendliness, technology has to be very easy to use or otherwise it won’t get bought, this has impacted society because it means you don’t have to be literate to use a computer and it has increased the popularity of gadgets and other technologies. Alot of technology has been modified so that people with disabilities can use it too. The displays on domestic appliances have came a long way and have increased throughout development. lots of displays now have touch screens and are mainly pictures, this has pushed through society because it means that everything is