Hcs 320 Communication Methods Essay

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Health Care Communication Methods
HCS 320
Robert Clegg

Health Care Communication Methods
As the communication coordinator for this national drug manufacturer, we will need to address the issue at hand and figure out the best way to handle the negative publicity one of our medications has caused. Unfortunately, the local news is already making things more difficult for us by alleging that a well-known public figure is among those suffering adverse effects from this medication. We will need to decide how to properly address the public that will ensure no loss in business or investors. In this meeting, we will need to determine the best communication tactic to get this situation under control.
Our first option would be
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Taken together, these regulations have a major impact on the day-to-day functioning of the nation's hospitals and affect virtually every department of every entity that provides or pays for health care (American Hospital Association: HIPAA, 2012). When we do decide to address this issue to the public, it is vital that we do not reveal any patient names or anything pertaining to a patient that would breach their confidentiality. All employees at our facility would be responsible for making sure they do not reveal any information that would violate HIPAA.
After looking over all the information provided on all types of communication methods, I feel confident in saying we will need to utilize all of the aspects discussed for the best results. We will need to inform our patients in a urgent, but un-alarming way to discontinue use of the drug for the time being. Partnering with local television stations to give a statement would also be a wise idea so that we may express our deepest sympathy and let the public know about our plan of action. This will allow our audience to hopefully see the emotion and know that we are concerned. Releasing a statement to the newspaper and posting it to our website will also help get the word out faster to our patients who may not watch the news. Making sure all employees are aware of the issue is important, but also making sure they understand that they are not to talk to the media or