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Current Article Summary
Kerisha Wilson
University of Phoenix
Kia Carter Anderson
September 7, 2014

Current Article Summary
In the article “310,000 healthcare consumers could lose coverage come September if they don’t prove eligibility” that was published by CNN Elizabeth Hartfield on August 13, 2014. The article make it be known that there are currently over 310,000 Americans who have signed on for the affordable care act marketplace that has failed to provide all the necessary paperwork that they will need in order to continue to receive coverage for their medical expenses. In this article it states that amongst the millions of American that has signed on for the affordable care act there were a total of 750,000 that did not accurately fill out the required forms on line. Of the 750,000 there is still 310,000 individuals that will have until the 05 September 2014 to turn in all required paperwork of proof of residency within the country if they want to retain their health coverage. According to the article “Opponents of the ACA have long warned that the enrollment site is not adept at verifying the eligibility of applicants, and these latest numbers are another example of that on-going issue. A report released in June from the office of the inspector general for the HHS found "deficiencies" in some of the controls meant to prevent fraudulent or incorrect information submitted by applicants to the Federal marketplace.” (Hartfield, 2014)
Currently this lack of paperwork as not reached to a national or global level there are currently 14 states that does not participate in the affordable care act, these 14 states have decided that they will provides with their own medical coverage. The information in this article has affect my mother, because unlike y self that was not affected by the implementation of the affordable care act my mother was and her premium on her insurance increase. In the month of June she received a letter from her insurance provider that she need to provide addition prove of her income and her leasing agreement in order to maintain her policy. After calling the company she was told that as long as she provided the necessary paperwork then she would be covered no matter, she submitted the necessary paperwork and her case was close. The only solution that the article as gave for individuals that has received the letters, email and phone calls are to contact