Hcs 457 Week 1 Article Review

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Week 1 Article Review
Laura Stepp
HCS 457
February 13, 2014
Professor D. Davis
Week 1 Article Review
When it comes to the health of Americans, there are topics that are always coming out in the news for public review. Everyone wants to know how new heath care laws are going to affect them and their pocket book. A topic that has been very influential lately is the “Obama Care” law. This is also known as the Affordable Health Care Act or ACA. This act has just recently been enforced on the state of California. Starting this year, the fifteen percent of Americans’ who have no health coverage at all will be forced to sign up for coverage, or will be fined on their income taxes for every month that they do not have coverage. (Obamacare facts, 2014)
If a person chooses not to participate in the Affordable Health Care Act, they could pay penalties equaling one percent of their yearly house hold income, or they could be forced to pay the yearly premium for the Bronze plan, that is the national average of the premiums. (HealthCare.Gov, 2014) Enrollment for a health coverage plan ends March thirty-first, two thousand fourteen to avoid paying any penatlies. Which leaves the people paying for health care coverage wither they have the coverage or not, since the penatlies are set in place this year. With having to pay for health coverage, the premiums were supposed to decrease in cost, according to the Obama Care, but so far, the premiums have not decrease, but increased. This leaves americans paying a higher cost for health care. So all in all, we are just paying more.
The whole point in the Government forcing it’s people to buy heatlth care