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Health Care Entrepreneurial Business Plan: Opportunity Description and Concept Statement
Jose L. Arroyo, Angela Flowers, Kwabena Aboagye, Alicia Soltero
HCS 567
April 13, 2015
Harley Smith
Health Care Entrepreneurial Business Plan: Opportunity Description and Concept Statement
Entrepreneurial Opportunity
The implementation of the emergency department with efficient information management and communication is essential to providing timely and high-quality patient care in East County of San Diego. Providing quality healthcare 24 hours a day, with specialized staff in addition to diagnostic services, such as laboratory, X-rays, and tomography in an area that includes four cities at East of San Diego is a great entrepreneurial opportunity. This area has a population of 458,000 persons, and it is a mixture region with urban and rural communities. This area is home to cities like El Cajon, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, and Santee. The nearest healthcare facility is Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa CA.
The Emergency Department (ED) is one of the most information-intensive environments given its large patient number and requires a reliable medical information collection system efficiently to manage information and communication with other departments. In fact, ED is a dynamic environment that constantly alternates between clinical and operative perspectives. The compilation of patient health history combined with frequent interruptions, transfers, and the realization of multitasking may affect the quality of care. As mentioned above, our business plan about ED is ready to expedite high levels of patients with a computerized whiteboard system that replaced the dry-erase boards used for patient tracking. Using a computerized system may result in more efficient information management, facilitate integration with other information sources, and lead to real-time patient tracking with an enormous monitoring capacity in ED. Moreover, we will introduce color-coding in the medical chart organization systems to improve patient safety.

Concept Statement Emergency facilities need to provide services to the growing populations they service to provide sufficient and effective care to the patients. Health care services are vital for communities to thrive and stay healthy. It is also imperative that the East County area of San Diego has no emergency facility that is readily accessible when needed as the close ones are about 8-17 miles drive. An emergency room delivers acute care to patients suffering from critical afflictions, trauma, and other medical emergencies. A new emergency room in the East County area of San Diego will reduce the waiting time for the residents of this area by operating 24 hours a day.
The East County area of San Diego covers incorporated cities, such as El Cajon, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Santee, and numerous rural areas. This new facility will service the residents of East County area of San Diego and the surrounding areas with the population 458,000 people approximately. Last year there were 77,005 patient visits to the emergency room (Health, n.d.). Because this new facility is the only emergency room in the community it will operate 24/7 and will provide much-needed health services in the community. This facility will provide medical service to any person that is in need of emergency care whether the patient has insurance or not. This facility will not discriminate against a person’s color, religion, or sexual preference. Building the emergency services facility alongside a hospital will help provide health care needs of all the East County area of San Diego.
Target Market
The target market for the emergency service facility is the entire population of the East County area of San Diego under and uninsured female patients living in the County. They have Medicaid or are eligible for North Shore's Sliding Scale Program. The majority of the patients seen are non-English speaking, and there is a high percent