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Capital Project

Capital assets are generally purchased to improve quality of care, or to provide needed equipment for a new service or expansion of an existing service. The key element in capital budgeting is that the building or piece of equipment being acquired has a lifetime that extends beyond the year of purchase and it is a capital asset or long-term investment for the hospital. Capital assets are good financial investments for the organization.(Finkler, Ward, & Baker, 2007). The Electronic health record software system is one of the important operational priorities in the US healthcare. The change from paper-based record system to electronic record system supported by technologies and help for reducing errors and
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(Finkler, Ward, & Baker, 2007). The successful implementation of EMR depends upon the team and technology of the organization. Team refers to people and issues related with organization. The technology related to the choice of the software, hard ware, and design set up of the organization to meet the implementation process. The main components of implementation process are people, process, and technology. The main focus of the change management is people and the related objective is to change the behavior for the acceleration of change process. (McCarthy & Eastman, 2010). The computerization of the nursing units has been a potential solution for nursing shortage. (Finkler, Ward, & Baker, 2007).
Quality assurance
The management of the organization need to review the costs of the software system related to Electronic health record implementation with users of the selection committee before the system demos. The committee includes staff from clinical areas like pharmacy, radiology, laboratory, operating room, and emergency department. The committee needs to invite physician champions to participate and observe EHR system demonstrations before selecting the system.(Swab, & Ciotti, 2010). The management of the organization needs to clarify the all of the costs such as travel costs, training class tuition fees,