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As well as cost saving, instead of keeping huge paper files on patients, all records are kept on computer files.
Another advantage of electronic medical records is the ability for all in a health care team to coordinate care. This helps avoid duplication of testing, prescribing medicines that in combination might be dangerous and the ability for anyone on the medical team to understand the approaches taken to a condition.
When a doctor has instant access to all of a patient’s information, including things like x-rays, lab tests, and information about prescriptions or allergies, he or she is empowered to act right away, thus saving time.
o As new patients enter the LTC facility, their records will be transeferred from the PCP in electronic format. Existing patients will have their records converted. As record keeping transitions to electonic format, it is critical that the facility remains current with technological trends. o The "big change" may seem intimidating to our staff and patients, but HR has established a one-on-one transition team to assist with the needs and concerns of this transition. o Communication channels will be opened to the next-of-kin to ensure optimal comfort and confidence with the patients. And, CONFIDENTIALITY is a priority, o Within 8 months the entire facility roster will have an EMR established. After 12 months all records will be accessible by electronic means. o Challenges are anticipated in record