A Brief Note On Teen Pregnancy

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Vanessa Beckley
Teen Pregnancy/Annotated Bibliography
August 4, 2014
Elizabeth McNutt

Teen Pregnancy
King, D. (1998, 12). Statistics: Teenage pregnancy. International Journal of Childbirth Education, 13, 16. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/212792353?accountid=458 The journal above was touches on the statistics regarding teen pregnancy. Although there has been a decline in teen pregnancy it still poses a problem, more than one million teenagers in the United States will become teenage parents each year. It’s mentioned that teenagers have a right to their privacy based on local state laws. As Pediatrician their duty is to protect their privacy just as they would an adult. Journal mentions that sometimes sexual abuse could be one of the leading causes of teenage pregnancy. However, other authors believe teenage pregnancy is a result of lack of education, family size, income, and parental education and employment status. It also covers ways to prevent pregnancy such as education the adolescent before she becomes sexually active.
I know the above journal was peer reviewed because of the proven statistic listed. Also, when typing my topic I picked to only see journals and articles that are peer reviewed.
Roxas, K. (2008). Keepin' It Real and Relevant: Providing a Culturally Responsive Education to Pregnant and Parenting Teens.Multicultural Education, 15(3), 2-9. This article refers to the teenage pregnancy rate on minority