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Divorce has many effects and not just on the immediate family but on everyone who was close to the family or who loved and cared about them. It makes many people feel awkward and ashamed to admit they are going through a divorce. I, however, feel that if you choose to get a divorce you should be able to proudly say it is the best decisions for you and your family members. Many unhappy couples create awful home environments full of fighting and hatred. When children are younger it is harder for them to understand the concept that mom and dad are no longer together. Especially if the divorce was one sided and not a mutual decisions. The children could wonder why the parents never want to see each other or why mom is sad all the time and never wants to see or talk about dad. When committing to a marriage and making a promise to each other in front of God and many of your loved ones people would never expect that it would end in divorce. Friends and family build bonds with your partner and start to love them as part of the family, and when going through a divorce many families and friends feel like they can only be friends and talk to one member of the couples. They feel as though they have to pick sides on who was right and wrong, who gave up and who was willing to try. Everyone around that knows seems to show the family pity. As if getting divorced and choosing to find your true soul mate is a horrible decision. Your children’s whole school knows, your church knows, your dry cleaner wonders why you only have women’s clothes this week. The stares and unasked questions are enough to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Is choosing to be alone really that bad, or are people just envious because they don’t have enough courage to get out of their own unhappy marriages. I personally do believe in marriage and that it can me magical and wonderful if it is with the right person, but people change with age and since we as humans are living to be older and older is it not true that we could outgrow the person we once loved. It doesn’t sound impossible to me. You could have