HDFS 8 Months Essay

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8 months:

Thomas and Chess describe temperament to be the behavioral style of an individual, distinguishable from cognition, motivation, or abilities. Temperament is the characteristics and patterns of behavior. It determines how a baby will react to situations and how he or she will regulate their emotions depending on that particular situation. Mason is definitely categorized as an "easy" baby in this theory of temperament. Mason is relatively in a positive mood most of the time. He adapts to his surroundings. He is established to his regular routines and he is generally cheerful throughout the day. Mason's temperament is very similar to mine when I was an infant. My mother explained to me that I was her best baby compared to my older brother and younger sister. She explained that I was always content, and adapted easily to new situations. According to the text, an easy child is quickly established to regular routines in infancy, is generally cheerful, and adapts easily to new experiences" (Berk, 2013, 148). My baby's temperament definitely increases our bond. It makes it easier for me to communicate with Mason, and understand his needs. Not only does his temperament reduce my stress as a first year parent, but it allows me to use a gentle discipline with Mason. This creates for our relationship and interactions with one another to be more secure. It creates a "goodness of fit model." In the text, a goodness of fit is described as how temperament and