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Harley-Davidson Motor Company (HDMC) Human Processes
Enhance HDMC creativity and innovation through human processes.

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ENTERING During the entering phase of consultation, it is vital to assess two aspects of the client-consultant relationship. The contact client must acknowledge that there is a problem within the organization that is not being solved by normal organizational features, or see a lack which cannot be corrected using normal organizational resources (Schein, 1969). The first step will be to agree to an exploratory meeting, while recognizing that any work that is diagnosed to be needed will be completed at a later time. From a consulting perspective, Money Miners will evaluate a number of characteristics involving the client, Harley Davidson Motor Company (HDMC). First, Money Miners will evaluate the degree of openness, spirit of inquiry, and authenticity of communication of the contact client (Schein, 1969). There are a few things that are important to remember in the entering stage of consultation. The client and consultant must be aware that everything that is done is an intervention. In the exploratory meeting the client should be prepared to pay a consultation fee. Another important aspect regarding the initial meeting will be deciding who will attend the meeting from the client’s side. Schein notes that in initial meetings, the client company should have people in attendance who are both high enough in the organization to influence change amongst others if they are influenced by the consultant’s proposal, and that they too must see the specific problems in the organization that Money Miners will point out (Schein, 1969).
HDMC expects that the Money Miners will facilitate diagnosis and if satisfactory, facilitate intervention. Money Miners requests to be compensated $500,000 dollars for diagnosis and $1.5 million for the intervention. HDMC is expected to publicize the project one-year after work completion. Money Miners will explain how knowledge will apply to HDMC’s problems while making HDMC sensitive to its internal processes. Money Miners will then create interest in trying to solve these problems. This might lead to possibly creating additional questions that will lead to more interventions on different problems later in the project (Schein, 1969).
The project will begin on March 23, 2015 with data gathering being complete by May 22, 2015, completing feedback by June 26, 2015 and finally completing the diagnosis step on July 24, 2015. The total time table for this project’s interventions would be approximately 17 months. The project will need people that are high enough in the organization to be able to influence others if he himself, is influenced. They will also be willing to welcome a consultant to help on the organizational problems as well as a people that are familiar with the specific problems targeted. All relevant clients and staff will be made available to the consulting team. Money Miners commits to the proposed 17 month intervention and, if accepted, the $2 million fee. Money Miners will use past consultant reports and projects on HDMC to use throughout this project. The consulting team will provide a written report upon work completion.
Money Miners and HDMC will work together by defining issues that are needed to be addressed and helping the client define a suitable course of action to create an understanding of the problem. The consulting team will hold weekly meetings with relevant clients and staff. Money Miners will collaboratively work with HDMC in setting parameters that will protect employees’ privacy while giving them the freedom to be more involved. They will have more of a say in all terms of how the product is made and the specifications as well as how people interact with each other. An individual HDMI confidentiality assessment will be issued to the