He Sits In The Seminar Room By Richard Rodriguez Essay

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Analysis of the prompt for essay 2
From my point of view, Rodriguez’s story is everyone’s story. We all want to better ourselves in some way. Maybe not through getting a higher education level as Rodriguez, but somehow, we all want to improve our quality of life. I see myself many times in Rodriguez’s story. One case is in page 351, Rodriguez says: “He sits in the seminar room-- a man with brown skin, the son of working-class Mexican immigrant parents”(Rodriguez 351). I’m a daughter of immigrant parents, who are working very hard to provide me everything that I need. As Rodriguez, I feel that the only way that I have to better my life and help my parents, is by getting a good education. Even though, I know that it isn’t easy, and that it requires a lot of sacrifice I have to do it. I also see myself in page 344, when Rodriguez states: “For their children my parents wanted chances they never had-- an easier way” (Rodriguez 344). My parents have sacrifice a lot for me and my siblings. Back in the Dominican Republic, my dad was an Electrical Engineer. Over here in the United States, he is working the late night shift in a warehouse. He is doing it without complaining, because he wants better educational opportunities to his sons. My mom still living in the Dominican Republic, I know that for her it isn’t easy to live
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I personally agree with him. Rodriguez’s story is my own story. To be where I am right now, I left many important things behind. My parents as his, do not understand my desire to go to college. Although, my parents want better opportunities for me, they wanted me to go to a community college. They wanted me near home. As Rodriguez, I’ve been seen as a bad daughter by my parents. Because, I am leaving home and I’m joining others communities. I agree with Rodriguez, because to better my quality of life, I have to make some sacrifice. And like him, I am going to do