Head Injuries Essay

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Protecting children playing hockey, football, basketball, baseball from extreme head and brain injuries could just take easy yet simple solutions like padding a goal post or changing some of the simplest rules, but yet they don’t.

Researches have recovered information from over 12,000 children aged 5 to 19 over the past 20 years who have gone to emergency departments across different countries for head and brain injuries, are from being struck by a player or an object like a ball or even a net.

Head trauma is the leading cause of death in Australians under 45. It’s not the injury that causes the deaths but the bleeding. Every minute you loose 3% of surviving a head injury, so in 30 minutes the sufferer with not survive. In the country, we have a disadvantage of facilities as well as technology, which also decreases the chances of survival. We have limited access to decent doctors and emergency hospitals, which means we have to travel further which decreases our chance of survival.

Although head injuries do occur it does not mean they can not be prevented. Just a simple headgear with padding or even a helmet can be the difference of life, death or disability. Wearing a helmet or head gear reduces the risks of contracting a head or brain injury by a massive 60%. Head gear and helmets should be made compulsory not optional.

Sports should be scrutinized for head injuries, but not just the rules but as well as the field or court. They should include goal post padding,