Head Start Social Policy

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Social Problem In the United States of America, education for our youth has become one of the biggest problems. Starting from an early age, children are taught to attend school and finish all the way through. Before 2007, enrolling children in head start was a difficult task for some families due to the lack of funding, resources and transportation. In order to make education more obtainable for our youth, the Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007 was passed.
Social Policy
The American Head Start Preschool Program as it relates use and integrated approach that is a combination of education, social, and health services for preschool children and their low income families. The Head Start Act was signed by President Bush on December 12,
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The Head Start for School Readiness Act was intended to make it easier for America’s youth to receive an education starting from a young age. Head start currently provides provision early learning services to nearly one million children from birth to age five each year through 50,000 nearby classrooms, homeschool programs and family/childcare program partners nationwide. Since 1965, Head start has been a leader in helping children from low-income families’ reach kindergarten and become more prepared to succeed in school and life. Head start is a central part of this administration effort to ensure that all children have access to high quality early learning opportunities and too eliminate the educator achievement gap. This proposed regulation is needed to improve the quality of head start services so that programs have a stronger impact on children’s learning and
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Head start programs cost the United States roughly 7 billion dollars annually. The problem that many have with the program is the idea that there has been no research done to prove that the program is working for children.
Children and families that live in a low-income environment as the vulnerable population for the head start program based on their financial status. The program performance requires standards to support emotional, cognitive and health development for children up to 5 years of age. This impacts the head start act because the requirements encompass the rules for local programs as well as government programs. The aspects of the federal administration program is to provide education.
I personally believe that low-income families are oppressed when living in poverty. When being a minority, there are less resources available to succeed in life. As a Social Worker, I would promote social change to enhance the well-being of an individual, family or group to address educational problems.