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Children and Young People’s Health and Safety
Mission Statement
We aim to provide a secure, happy and stimulating school in which each individual can develop effective, purposeful and useful learning.
(Part of Mission Statement of Moorside Primary School)
Health & Safety at Work
General School Policy:
School exercises particular regard for the health and safety and general well being of its employees, other users, and visitors to its premises quite apart from any legal obligations that exist. However Health and Safety at work Act 1974 and its revision 1977 places a general duty on its employees to ensure the Health and Safety and welfare at work of their employees.
School will continue to take all reasonable steps necessary to provide. a. Health and safety premises, machinery, systems and working conditions. b. Safe methods of handling, storing and transporting materials. c. Adequate information, training, instruction and supervision for all employees in matters concerning health and safety. d. Adequate means of safe access and exit from all buildings and places of work.
The head teacher has been appointed responsible for health and safety for the organization.
Responsibility may in future be delegated to another member of staff, however, it is accepted that accountability remains with head teacher and LEA.
Employees Obligation a. As well as placing a number of obligations on the employers, the Act also imposes duties on employees whilst at work. b. To act in a way with due care for the health and safety of themselves, or other workers and the general public who may be affected by the acts or omissions. c. To observe the provision of the Act…