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Position: Headteacher

Reporting to: The Governing Body

Main Purpose: To provide professional leadership for the school which secures its success and improvement, ensuring high quality education for all its pupils and good standards of learning and achievement.


1. Strategic direction and development of the school

1.1 Provide inspiring and purposeful leadership for the staff and pupils.

1.2 To work in partnership with the governing body, staff and parents generating the ethos and values which will underpin the school.

1.3 To continue to implement a Development Plan which will secure continuous school improvement.

1.4 To monitor and evaluate the performance of the school and respond and report to the governing body as required.

1.5 To ensure that management, finances, organisation and administration of the school supports its vision and aims.

1.6 To ensure that school policies and practices take account of national, local and school requirements.

1.7 To monitor, evaluate and review the impact of policies, priorities and targets of the school in practice, and take action if necessary.

1.8 To ensure that all those involved in the school are committed to its aims, motivated to achieve them, and involved in meeting long, medium and short term objectives and targets which secure the educational success of the school.

2. Teaching and learning

2.1 Continue to maintain an environment that promotes and secures good teaching, effective learning, high standards of achievement and good behaviour.

2.2 Determine, organise, implement and monitor the curriculum and its assessment and ensure that statutory requirements are met.

2.3 Ensure that pupils develop study skills in order to learn more effectively and with increasing independence.

2.4 Determine, organise and implement a policy for the personal, social and moral development of pupils.

2.5 Monitor and evaluate the quality of teaching and learning and standards of achievement of all pupils in the school through appropriate methods.

2.6 Determine and implement policies which promote:

a) positive strategies for developing good race relations and dealing with racial incidents.
b) Equality of access.

2.7 Determine and implement positive strategies and programmes which ensure good pupil behaviour and discipline and give support and clear guidance on exclusions.

2.8 Develop and maintain effective links with the community including business and industry, to extend the curriculum and enhance teaching and learning.

2.9 Continue to maintain an effective partnership with parents and the wider community to support and improve pupils’ achievement and personal development.

2.10 Promote extra curricular activities in accordance with the educational aims of the school.

3. Leading and managing staff

3.1 Plan, allocate, support and evaluate work undertaken by groups, teams and individuals, ensuring clear delegation of tasks and devolution of responsibilities in a manner consistent with conditions of employment.

3.2 Implement and sustain effective systems for the management of staff performance, incorporating performance management and target setting.

3.3 Promote and monitor the continuing professional development of staff, including the induction of newly qualified teachers.

3.4 Ensure that professional duties are fulfilled, as specified in the Terms and Conditions of Service of teachers, including those of headteacher.

3.5 Participate in the arrangements made in accordance with the regulations for performance management and threshold assessment, and to participate in the identification of areas in which the Headteacher would benefit from further training and undergoing such training.

3.6 Ensure that a deputy Headteacher or suitable person, assumes responsibility for the discharge of the headteacher’s function at any time when absent from school.

3.7 Continue the