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My Beloved Grandma
One of the life lessons I’ve learned is to appreciate the people around me, because sometimes there is no distance between life and death. It is so true that we do not appreciate what we had until we lost them, and we don’t know how confusing it is when love and angry them also. Indeed, I have never understood until my grandmother passed away.
My grandmother was 80 years old, who had watched me grow up and taken care of me when I was a little girl. Import and export agricultural was not an easy job, therefore my parents were so busy with their work, and they didn’t have enough time for me, that’s why I spent whole my childhood lived with my grandma. I remembered when I saw her picture when she was young that my grandfather put in the shelf, she was a beautiful girl, and had glistening eyes like the water in the autumn, I really impressed. She had a kind and gentle smile which makes people want to talk to her when they see her. When she grew old, she was also hale and hearty. Because she always woke up at 4am, had couple minutes exercise before went to the church. She had a gorgeous long pepper and salt hair that everyone praised. In addition, she had a good voice that can wake me up every morning to go to church with her, I liked her smell is so fresh, and comfortable like green tea. She would like to sit on the chair in front of the door with my grandfather and read magazine. She cooked many nutritious, tasty meal for family, and always asked me eat two bowls of rice for each meal. She also helped me to take a shower every evening. I liked to use shampoo and made bubbles in my hair, that’s why she called me “Bubbles princess”. She took care of me from each meal when I went to bed with some pieces of legend stories.
She had a small garden with a lot of roses and also planted some vegetables. Sometimes, I went to the fields with her, and followed her to caught crabs and fishing. After that, we always had a good dinner with what we collected whole day. I was so happy and excited when I had chance to caught crabs. It was so amazing time when I tried to run around the fields and caught them. I never forget that one time a crab bit me in my finger, it was hurt and bleeding, and I stood there and cried out loud. My grandma used a “magic leaf” that I did not know the name is, she chew it and put on my finger. Immediately, I did not feel any pain or blood. I remembered that she always waited for me coming home from school every day with some candies which I was really into at that time. Sometimes, she made some cookies and they were like a prize when I show I was a good girl, studied hard, don’t cry, don’t go out for long time. She took care of me from head to toe. As I grow older, I started to hate the way that she treated me. This was a bad day for me and her. I went out with some friends who are my neighborhood. We came to the stream and had a beautiful Sunday with a mini picnic by ourselves. We brought some cake, candies, soft drink and played some games. All my friends knew how to climb the tree. Actually, they can climb as fast as the monkey. They always climb to the top and pluck some fruits, and then they throw it for me. I just sat on the flat and wait for food. It was not funny. I wanted to climb and got fruits by myself. They were willing to teach me. At that day, this was the first time I climb to the tree. At that moment, I did not know that I scare the high, I looked back I felt sick, I wanted to vomit. I got scare and fall down. I had to go to the hospital because I got wounded in my knee. Our mini picnic was cancelled, and it became a bad Sunday ever. I remembered when I woke up, I saw my grandma sat near me. She dared not to let my parents know about my accident. She just cried and shouted me, she said “I had to stay at home from now on, went to school and stayed home”. I still kept silent and cried, not because my knee hurt, I got angry and I knew I lost my freedom already. I felt like I