Healht Organization Case Study Essay

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Health Organization Case Study United Healthcare United Health group is a diversified health and well being company founded in1977 by Richard Burke with the headquarters in Minnetonka, Minnesota and the company is dedicated to helping people live healthier and making their health care work better for their well being. United Healthcare is one of the major divisions of United Health group and is focused on providing health coverage and benefit services. United Healthcare, the largest single health carrier in United States strives to improve the quality and effectiveness of healthcare for all nationals, enhance their access to medical benefits, create services that are affordable to all members and their technological services provide easy …show more content…
The enhanced card system, which was offered by United Healthcare, has a magnetic stripe on the back which provides doctors and hospitals with real time access to patients benefits eligibility information, and claim history which enabled the hospitals and medical practice to save millions of dollars. The telehealth system enables the patient’s access to physicians and specialists when in person visits are not possible. In order to enhance the quality and safety by preventing medication error, the organizations encourage hospitals to implement electronic health record system. Even though the network system has major advantages, the issues like increase expenditure due to technology related spending, gaps in key information, inoperability among major concerns and compliance barriers arise and the organization had to modify their systems, purchase upgrades or buy entire new system in order to exchange the information in an affordable manner.
Nurse Staffing
In order to equip the nursing professionals with expanded skills and expertise to match the complexity and challenges of the century, United Health group launched the center for nursing advancement in 2008, which provides career development programs to enhance patient care technical skills and leadership skills. The recognition programs like DAISY awards, clinical service awards and