Essay on Health and Food Hygiene

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Collective reasonability
Food hygiene: they are now strategies put in place to make sure that the food hygiene of places within the public are up to certain standards before being allowed to serve food by being giving a food hygiene certificate this is done by giving cafes/restaurant inspections, the people on the inspections check the cleanliness of the kitchen, the standards of the food and even the hygiene of the staff and get graded, if they fail they can get a warning, a fine but depending on the how bad they are graded weather they should be shut down.
People have standards when they go out to eat especially when they are paying for the food, and if there are germs etc on the food it can affect the health of the person, there is the food standard agency act in place as well to resure people that they are laws against poor quality of cleanliness. this is an article to do with the a café + food hygiene it puts in place the strategies and sanitations in place for those who don’t follow the rules.
Recognising the key role of the state, linked to a concern for the underlying socio-economic and wider determinants of health, as well as disease.
Drinking + drink driving
If someone has an alcohol addiction, it costs the government a lot of money, when you have an alcohol addiction you are labelled ‘sick’, this means the person with the addiction will get paid benefits on top with sick pay, also with the addiction comes a lot of health problems which the NHS has to provide like little problems can start occurring depression and doctors have to give out the tablets which are costing them money, it might be helping the person overcome there depression and drink problem, but if they take both together can affect their health even more.
Drink driving is an issue that keeps occurring, when an instant happens it might not just be the person driving affected in an accident it could be others... if a car is a bad way, in some cases an fire engine has to be called, along with the police and an ambulance which cost government a lot of money and that’s just getting the people out let alone the treatment needed in hospitals. Its on average that 3,000 people are killed in drink driving