Health And Illness Review

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Health and Illness Review

1. Next Tuesday is the first exam
2. Review and exam preparation
Draw a picture that expalines how oxygen gets from the air outside to a cell on the inside of an insect
Solid barrier (exoskeleton), the air go through the hole on the insect and goes to a tube, it branches out into smaller tubes and spreads the O2 through out the body
Describe (not just list) 3 ways that the insect body NOT like your body?
The skeleton is on the outside vs ours is in the inside.
Blood system is like a dishwasher, out blood is pump through vanes
Oxygen delivers directly through tubes
Taste and smell through legs
Having babies without sex
List 3 things your body CANNOT do without blood. Explain to a 3rd grader why some insects eat blood.
1. Deliver nutrients through out the body through blood
2. Fight infections with blood
3. Uses blood to make babies, nutrients rich food source to make babies out of them.
4. When asked to present information to different group of people, think about how to explain them in an easier matter.
Describe 3 things abut the skin that insect spit (saliva) counteracts the body.
i. Capillaries bigger, making it easier to get blood. ii. Counter clotting, clotting is the process to stop the blood coming out. They try to stop that process to gain more blood. iii. No more pain, makes it harder for us to counter them

What is Homeostasis?
It is a responsive entity, repair & response. We deal with things
Examples of Homeostatic processes:
Blood pressure
Oxygen intake
Body temperature
Tissue repair
Health, Illness, Infection and Disease
What are working definitions for these terms? (Does these terms only work in opposition to one another?) Feeling trap when can’t explain, give examples to explain.
Are disease ever infections, something you catch that makes you sick.
Disease – dysfunctional cell, tissues or physiological system.
Infection – one organism (parasite or pathogen) using the cells or tissues of another organism for resources.
90% of out body cell are not human cell. -Poop is things your body can’t digest.
If you are mostly microbial cells, what makes a microbe good or bad? Many experiments can be preformed to test. Lots of times microbes can be both good and bad.
HIV is a disease that will take away T-cell, making your immune system fail.
Flu shoots!
Influenza virus – headache, coughing and sneezing, tightness in the chest, fever.
Why do you feel bad?
Losing energy due to the body is trying to fight off infection
Body is reproducing partials of the virus
Virus is attacking the cells and breaking them apart. Making copies of themselves
Body is trying to block off the infection, white blood cells attacking the infections.
What does the microbe need to get around?
Do not spread the (you) virus
Do you feel bad because the pathogen harms you?
Do you feel bad because
Mass majority of the drugs that fights the cold, takes away the systems but will keep you infected longer
Genetic for having diabetes
Too much sugar during child diet.

Feb 05, 2015
How does your body know what is infectious?
Body starts to recognize being attacked
Sometimes it can hide within the body for it to reproduce
Human uses visual information to process identity
My body knows what I’m made of, when foreign things comes into the body it will recognize them
Good bacteria will get programed into the body imm
One of the key ways of first source of bacteria is when baby come out of the mothers womb, poop will be produced by the mother and baby will intake some as the first source of bacteria to colonize the body
Your body knows what is not “you” because of the molecules on the surfaces of your cells.
What does your body do about infectious organisms?
All the stuff inside me is protecting home
Bacteria is a living organisms, it wants to be spread
Snot, sneeze and diary, are they good for your body? Or is it the parasite to trick your body into spreading them