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Health and safety responsibilities of an employee and employer and others

Employee must. 1) Take responsible care for my own health and safety. 2) To take reasonable care not to put other people - fellow employees and members of the public - at risk by what you do or don't do in the course of your work 3) To co-operate with your employer, making sure you get proper training and you understand and follow the company's health and safety policies 4) To report any injuries, strains or illnesses you suffer as a result of doing your job, your employer may need to change the way you work. 5) To tell your employer if something happens that might affect your ability to work, like becoming pregnant or suffering an injury. Because your employer has a legal responsibility for your health and safety, they may need to suspend you while they find a solution to the issue or problem, but you will normally be paid if this happen

As an employer 1) make the workplace safe 2) prevent risks to health 3) ensure that machinery is safe to use 4) ensure safe working practices are set up and followed 5) make sure that all materials are handled, stored and used safely 6) provide adequate first aid facilities and training 7) tell you about any potential hazards from the work you do - chemicals and other substances used by the firm - and give you information, instructions, training and supervision as needed 8) set up emergency plans 9) make sure that ventilation, temperature, lighting, toilet, washing and rest facilities all meet health, safety and welfare requirements 10) check…