Health and Safety Essay

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Task 1
CYP 3.4 – 1.1
Describe the factors to take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments for children and young people.
There are many factors to take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments for children and young people, such as;
Indoor Environment * The floors should be even and easily cleaned i.e. no carpets, but a vinyl or lino floor which can be washed and sterilised daily. Reducing the risk of children tripping on uneven surfaces and ensuring spillages and accidents can be cleaned up quickly and safely. * There should be sufficient light and air. Children need to be kept cool in the warm summer heat and require fresh air. Additional clothing is provided if required for children in the cooler months if they are chilly. * The heating should be adequate - not too warm or too cold. A thermometer should be available to monitor the temperature inside the area/room where the children are. If the heating isn’t working properly then the pre-school would contact all the parents/carers so that the children could be collected. * There should be clean toilet and washing facilities close by. The facilities need to be and kept hygienic for the children, this will reduce any spread of germs. Children don’t always leave enough time to go to the toilet therefore if the toilets are close by this will help them make it in time and for those children that might get distressed by having accidents, if they are able to get to the toilet in time then reducing any stress to the child. * Check water temperature is adequate – not too hot and not cold. Children could easily get scalded by hot water and need warm water for washing correctly. We always check the water for the children and remind them not to put their hands under the hot tap and to always put the cold water in the sink first. * The entry and exit doors must be lockable to prevent unwanted visitors or children wandering out. * Safety mats should be placed around the climbing frame incase any of the children slip or fall off. Ensuring a safer softer landing for the children. * Door to the kitchen should be closed and locked. Children are not permitted in the kitchen where they would be able to access sharp objects such as knives. * Ensure no chemicals are accessible to children. Children are the pre-school are a little too young to understand how dangerous chemicals are to them. So when wiping down tables for snack and lunch with spray the spray is sprayed onto a cloth and not onto the table reducing fumes being inhaled by children and then the spray is put out of reach of children. * Kitchen to be clean, wash hands before preparing food and ensure food is covered. A clean kitchen will reduce attraction of insects and germs. * Clean tables where children will eat snacks and lunch. Children will have been playing with items, games or playdoh on the tables and have been playing inside as well as outside, therefore transferring germs around which is why they should be cleaned with a child friendly disinfectant. * Medicines to be kept out of reach of children. These are kept in the kitchen so they are not accessible to children. Some children may require antibiotics which other children may be allergic to, so it is very important to keep them out of reach. * Spillages should be mopped up and dried immediately to avoid any slippages. * Tables and chairs should be the correct height for children. If they were too high then children may be unstable and fall off.
Outdoor Environment * The hard ground should be even and easily swept. There are some stones in the playground area and children running around may fall over and cut themselves on them. Therefore its better to sweep them to the side to reduce this risk. * Rubbish must be removed at least daily. Therefore reducing attraction to animals and