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Unit 1: Developing effective communication in health and social care

P1 explain the role of effective communication and impersonal in a health and social care context. Then discuss theories of communication.

In this essay I am going to talk about the different types of interpersonal interaction which will include and explore; one to one and group interactions between professionals and people using services.

There are many ways to communicate there is one to one and group, you can communicate in many different ways such as formal and informal, you can communicate between colleagues and between a service user.
One to one communication one to one communication is were when you start a conversation with someone you don’t know as well, you should always try to create the right kind of feeling, its important have a positive atmosphere when starting a conversation with someone, the other person will then feel relaxed and happy o talk to you. People often start a conversation by a greeting such as ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’ showing that you are calm and relaxed. Then you once a good first impression has been set you can then move onto the topic on the conversation. To end the conversation you can finish by saying ‘see you soon’ which will leave a good impression.
Group communication
Group communication has the same principles as one to one communication except the message/ the topic of the conversation has to be got across to more then one person. Some groups have group leaders which a classroom would have where one person would lead the conversation and get the message across to all group members. When having a group conversation it is important to take turns, no messages would get across if everybody talked at once. It is also important that everybody has eye contact so the speaker understands that.…