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Understanding Employment rights in health, social care or children’s and young peoples settings.

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The law in UK covers all these aspects

Minimum wage
Hours worked
Health and safety
Holiday entitlements
Redundancy and dismissal
Training, Disciplinary procedures
Union rights and consultation among many others Labour law covers the deal between employee and employer
Health and safety laws cover the work conditions and minimum wage and other laws set basic compensation levels.

Main Features of current employment legislation

The spectrum of employment law in the UK covers three main areas:

Employment Rights,
Discrimination law
Health and safety legislation.

Legislation relating to employment exists

All employee’s need to have all good things that protect them from unscrupulous bosses.Legislation exists to regulate, authorize, proscribe, provide funds, sanction, grant and declare or restrict something or someone.
It is a law that has been promulgated by a legislature or other governing body. It is usually proposed by a member of the legislature or by the executive.

Legislation relating to employment exists to stop exploitation of workers by their employers mainly to protect the rights of their employee’s and to make sure that they have everything they need such as.

* Safety standards
* Holiday entitlement
* Maternity leave
* Redundancy payments
* Discrimination laws
* Maximum working hours
* Age requirement

Information/Advice available in relation to employment responsibilities and rights

You will be able to find any of these within your work place. The main sources and types of information that are available to have your responsibilities and rights in are:

* Contract
* Handbook
* Policy documents
* Terms and conditions
* Job description

Terms and conditions of own contract of employment:

The terms and conditions of your employment are a statement and instruction of what the employer's expect of their staff and your job description. Employer's expect their staff to read and follow the policy and procedures that the home have. Also to attend all training