Requirements Needed In Job Role In Health And Social Care

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Requirements needed in job role
In health and social care.

In the health and social care services people have different roles that they have to have some specific requirements that they need to complete their job role. In health and social care having different skills allows you to be able to meet different requirements that make you be able to help different clients the care that need. There are some basic requirements that people need such as empathy, excellent communication skills, etc but with other jobs within health and social care requires specialist requirements.
Nurses job role:
As a nurse there are various job roles in the health and social care system some that are basic requirements and other that are specially required for this particular job role. To become a nurse you need to have the proper qualifications that are identified in the United Kingdom this includes having English and maths GCSE and having at least a BTEC national diploma in health and social care once you have got these from either a high school or collage you go on to study nursing at university you can do this under a degree or a diploma standard but they would both lead you to the same job, to have qualifications in this job is very important because it makes sure that you are competent and able to carry out many different procedures in this high pressure job. Nurses usually also go for training for up to four years where they can experience how to care for sick patients and provide support to the community that they work in. A nurse’s job role is to work in a hospital setting in shifts this is usually over an eight hour period they receive a report from the other staff detailing what happened during they day to the patient that they are looking after, they also look after their patients hygiene such as shave, bath this is also holistic care. Nurses also give the appropriate drugs to the patients when they are to be given it, they dress wounds using the correct methods they also talk to relative and friends of the patients to tell them what wrong with the service user they can also prep clients to go into an operation they also communicate to doctors and professional about their patients. Nurse’s need a lot of personal qualities to work in the environment that they do work in they need intelligence, good communication skills to communicate with other people such as doctors this is so that if the patient is allergic to any antibiotics the doctors would know and not give them that medication and put them on something else, good health and energy this is important because you will be under pressure so you need to be able to handle that and also if it is a busy shift you need energy to help you get your jobs done, the ability to work in a team environment this is important as well because in a hospital you will be working with other professions such as doctors so you will need to be able to work in a team to give the best care possible, you need to have initiative because if another nurse was at lunch at their patient needed their medicine you would need to give it to them instead of waiting for their nurse to come back, patience because some patients might be difficult so you would need to wait for them to calm down and explain things to them more calmly, also being able to relate to different types of people and regions because everyone is different, etc.

Nurse’s need to have professional skills as well thing like carrying out practical in the right way and up to a perfect standard like dressing wounds and removing them in the right way as well as hygienically all of this must be carried out in a person centred way this