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Effective communication setting: Hospital

In the care setting I have chosen is a hospital and explaining what the effective roles are of communication within the hospital, in care setting there are many different effective communication and interpersonal interaction in health and social, such as Braille, sign language oral, written, etc. Effective communication is a conversation in which no one gets confused by the other persons meaning, the first thing you need to do to ensure effective communication is to use reflection (key words). The second thing is to ask clarifying questions; questions that try to find out the other persons true meaning. An effective communication can also mean a conversation in which something is achieved. It can be a conversation in which two people both enjoy the conversation and learn something. Effective communication in the health and social care setting is very important as it allows the health care workers to perform their roles effectively, allow them to work alongside their colleagues whilst developing supportive ties with the user of service who comes from different types of backgrounds cultural/religion. People with communication disabilities are at risk of not being able to communicate effectively with their health care professionals and this could have an impact directly on their health.

Sign language

Sign language in a hospital is a 1to1 communication but It can only communicate within the person who cannot hear, So for example (patient is deaf, and you have to do sign language so they can understand procedures of what is going on and so that you can the translate it back to whoever but understanding what the patient had said). Within sign language as for that, you need to be professional in sign language, because when nurses or doctors are speaking to patients spoken words are loaded with signs, then the patients decoded the signs and the replies and the is able to participate with the communication.

Text Messaging

Text messaging in a hospital can be used for different variety of things in a hospital for instance texting can be short, typed messages sent from mobile phones, using text messaging helps ensure that appointments for patients are more likely to attend, also sending out reminders for medication pick up or delivered to their house. Helping patients with many things such as providing test results such as this system which provides all clear only, providing specialist information for those patients who ask for it only. Wellness and motivation programmes such as smoking cessation programmes for patients who smoke and can’t quit and for unfit patients who need motivation. Helps keep them motivated with everyone around them too e.g. eating well, exercising, etc. also providing opinion information like healthy eating tv shows to watch as families. Using text messaging in a hospital can benefits patients in the long run as it helps them be safe and reassuring that they can depend on the hospital to remind them or certain thing’s if they forget.


Symbols are images which are used to make meanings clearer and easier to understand by providing a visual representation of a single word or a concept. It is important to understand that symbols are different from pictures. A picture conveys a lot of information at once and its focus may be unclear, whereas a symbol focuses on a single concept and by grouping them together more precise information can be conveyed. In hospital symbols can be used for various thing such as e.g. if a patients comes from a different country and doesn’t understand certain procedures that are going on and the nurse or doctor have to maybe show them a picture so may understand what is going on, therefore this way is more easier for patients with a different background may understand because the symbols and picture are clear for them to see and understand them I think it being translated. In a hospital