Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 2 B2

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There are some standards that must be met when supporting the changes and transition that the child could go through. The standards are making sure that the setting is a child centred, putting the child first, ensuring the child's welfare and safety, promoting children's rights, working in partnership with parents while respecting their contribution and culture and customs and values of their families, supporting the child's individual needs, respecting their families background and structure while working with professionals and maintaining confidentiality. Every setting must be child centred as it will help the child to deal and understand what the transition is and how it is best to deal with it. Also with a child centred practice
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Practitioner must also make sure that they are promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. In the UNCRC it says that we must treat all children as individuals and make sure that we understand that they all have individual needs and requirements that they need met. The UNCRC says that " every child has the right to protection, education and for their voice to be heard" ( .It is also important that we focus on carry out an inclusive practice this can be done by making the child feel wanted this could help the child to reach their full potential as a result of people around them making sure that the child is involved in making decisions and other types of activities. When promoting the children’s rights we as practitioners must ensure that the child’s rights are being met for a child leaving care and going into a foster home we must make sure that the child is expressing themselves through different types of activities. Play therapy could be an effective way that the child can express themselves as they will show exactly what they are feeling through play and then the practitioner in a setting can work around