Health And Social Care Unit 2 P3

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Unit 2 P3 Individual Rights

Everyone has individual rights; the individual rights are;
Protection, and equality, access to information, non-discrimination, and effective communication.

Respect- when you treat some nice and with a loving care that what you call respect, being horrible and saying nasty words to the person is just being prejudice and selfish, however if you give respect to people then you get it back in return, for instant if you respect grownups, your parents, and your teacher then you will get respect back, however if you continues being horrible and don’t be nice - then you can’t expect them giving you respect back.

Choice- people have their own choice – their own choice how to live their life, however some people may want to live as homosexual and some may want live their life as heterosexual. Everyone have their own way of living their live - there have a unique personality and character—we grow up and learn different kind of experience in life and make difficult choice that maybe risky or maybe not. There are many other factors such as culture, background, social class, age, ethnicity and gender. So it is vital that we treat different people as individuals and respect them in all ways and provide them with a luxury life.

Dignity = self-respect, which is vital to every person and is also important part to a service provider as well as this will assist out people keep up their dignity so there capable to sustain their sense of self-respect for example if someone is extremely ill and has aid and doesn’t want to anyone because their don’t want to embrace their self. To be treated equally and not discriminated against- well to be honest everyone have the right to be take care of equally and rightly and not be distinguish against anything such as: social class, gender, sexuality, age, family structure, race, disability, religion, ethnicity and physical location. For example if in a man want to pray in care home and the worker are not allowing him