Health Ans Safety Legislations Final Ta Essay

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Why does this apply to the company?
What does the company do to reduce the risk?
Slips, trips and falls
Workplace (health and safety & welfare) Regulations 1992
With lots of water and liquids around in the brewery slipping over is a very serious issue and is very hard to try and prevent. The brewery can suffer badly for people slipping over and face court cases if signs are not regularly used.
Tripping over in the brewery is another serious risk with different things being laid all around the brewery even on the top floor. Falls are another serious issue in the in the brewery as there are high balconies used to check the mixture for the beer from above and make sure there are no problems.

None slip shoes are worn by employees, `wet floor` signs are always posted during cleaning, spillages are cleaned promptly and floors are covered with rough surfacing to avoid slipping. To prevent trips like this happening the brewery has come up with a storage room for all of the things to be stored in. This reduces the amount of things which are laid around this reduces the chance of trips. To prevent this brewery has installed a fence all around the top floor so you can see in to the hoppers but you can’t fall in to them.

Electricity hazard
The electricity at work Regulations 1989. These regulations apply to all aspects of the use of electricity within the workplace from electrical supplies to the use of equipment.
This applies to the company as they are working with electrical equipment and that can be dangerous. There are loads of different types of electrical equipment in the factory to allow the process of brewing to work.
Safety goggles when working with electrical equipment to protect eyes and sight. Rubber boots in case of electricity flowing through the body the rubber will stop that when it reaches the feet. None thermal gloves so they can’t pass electricity through.
Noise pollution
The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005
This applies to the company as it can get very noisy within the process of brewing the beer.
Sound proof walls are used and this prevents the noise