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Health Appraisal
EF 205-02
Kaplan University
Roxanne Elzy
Health Appraisal
When a person decided the he or she wants to begin a physical activity or an exercise program, they should answer the questions on a PAR-Q form. This questionnaire is designed for individuals who are between the ages of 15-69. The form will give a person an idea as if they should continue with to start the workout or consult with a physician before they start the work out program. There are seven questions and if the person answers yes to one ore more then they need to consult with he or her physician before proceeding with the exercise program. Answering yes to any of the questions may indicate that their may some help issue that if one continue with the exercise program it my be detrimental to their health. The form does not diagnose any illness or diseases nor does it treat or cure any diseases. To my surprise I answered no to all the questions on the PAR-Q form. My doctor has never me I have a heart condition or I should only do physical activity he recommends. I have never felt pain in my chest when engaging in any physical activity. I never lose my balance due to dizziness nor have I ever lost consciousness. I do not have any joint or bone problems that could worsen by my workout program. I don’t have hypertension so I’m not on any prescribed medications for it. I have no reasons why I should not do physical activity. This means that I’m free to begin my physical workout program.

Stages of Change The Transtheoretical Model of Change as so know as the Stages of Change model is very important in a person life when they are going through the process of changing their behavior. This model is designed to with five stages (1) precontemplation (thinking about changing) (2) contemplation (find reasons to change) (3) preparation (preparing for the changes) 4) action (taking action towards the change) and (5) maintenance (maintaining the healthy lifestyle for more than six months). The founders of the model believe that as each individual change their behavior; at some point they will go through all five of theses stages. The progression from stage to stage is different for each person. One person may stay in the contemplation stage for six months, while another may stay for only three days (Thygerson, & Thygerson, 2013). Based on this information I’m in the maintenance stage. I get some form of physical activity everyday. I have always had and active lifestyle. Some days my physical activity maybe moderate-intensity and other it may be vigorous-intensity, but I’m always active. I don’t go to the gym everyday, but I may go for a nature walk or run. For me this the best way to release stress.
Fitness Evaluation
12/09/2013 Your Results
Congratulations! You scored above average on 3 of the 4 elements of the adult fitness test. Your score was average or below average for your age on 1 of the 4 tests. You may wish to talk with a fitness or exercise professional about activities you can do to improve your performance on these tests. Keep up the good work! Remember to be active every day and work to maintain a healthy weight.
Congratulations, your aerobic fitness estimate is consistent with a lower risk of health problems associated with chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes. It is still important to continue or possibly increase your physical activity level to maintain and improve your aerobic fitness and health status.
Fitness Component
Test Event
Your Results
Your Score
Aerobic Fitness*
1.5-Mile Run
Muscular Strength
Half Sit-Ups

Overall Score (based on percentile average)

Body Composition

Waist Circumference

(President’s Challenge, 2013)
Summary of Results
This report shows my physical activity level. It is composed