Health Belief Model - Health Promotion Model - Obesity in Adolescents Essay

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Help Belief Model (HBM) - - Hochbaum, Rosenstock, & Kegals (1950)

Perceived Susceptibility
One’s opinion of chances of getting a condition
Teenager’s who were deemed overweight or obese would more than likely be only too aware of the Social and Psychological aspects and not the ramifications of their morbidity rate lowing by their condition and the ensuing health problems in later life. The data and facts above speak for themselves and provision of these to Teenager’s will help them make a learned response.
Provide them the statistics on the growing trend of overweight and obesity within Teenagers show them they are not alone so that they will not feel so isolated, hopefully improving
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Can they afford to eat healthy and cut out cheaper less nutritional foods?
Would there family and friends support them.
Does the persons friends eat frequently at fast food places. Are they prepared to opt for say an apple whilst all there mates are eating at a fast food place etc.
Do they have available to them on a day to day basis access to a variety of readily available food to consume as in the school they are attending or work place.
When addressing the balance of food and content of food eaten this will have to be treated very carefully and sensitively so as not to undermine them in any way because if they start of with low self esteem it could make them go further in depths of despair. Also consideration has to be taken with reference to the risk of fad and yoyo dieting of which also has its own dangers.
You also have to consider their attitude to there weight and as to whether they have any motivation to take the course of action required as well as an overall mental well being. With the changing views on being overweight these days of it being acceptable it may be very hard to motivate/encourage someone to change when they are ‘ok’ as they are and are they actually prepared or wanting to change.
Overall you would be looking into a complete behavioural change of which has a knock on effect of the people around them as well, are they able to communicate this and will they be