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Why do we Eat Unhealthy Food?

One of the many factors leading to temptation of eating unhealthy food is Taste.
We often feel that unhealthy food such as Burgers, Hot Chips, Pizza, etc. are tasty, or yummy. What we don’t know is that they often have many calories and may be extremely bad for you.
Another reason people may eat unhealthy food is because they do not have enough “time” to prepare healthy food. We often eat fast food when in rush.

Healthy Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner?
For a healthy, energetic start to the day, you must eat foods that are rich in Protein, such as Bread, Cereal or Fruit and Vegetables.
Toast with Sausages or Egg.
Fruit salad with low-fat yoghurt or milk.
Low fat cereals.
Low fat wrap with Vegetables or Meat as filling.
Sandwich with high carbs and protein.
Garden salad.
Pasta with Vege’s.
Bread sticks with Cheese.
Low Fat pure fruit ice cream.

Healthy eating
By Adwait Mane

DR Adwait’s Top 5 Suggestions for Staying FIT

5. Play Outside.
4. Go for regular walks or runs.
3. Playing Sports.
2. Working outdoors.
1. Eat healthy Food.

DR Adwait’s top 10 Tips for a healthy Lifestyle
10. Don’t laze around all day.
9. Get outside and have fun!
8. Limit yourself on watching TV.
7. Play a sport.
6. Don’t generate bad habits.
4. Drink plenty of water.
3. Have good rest!
2. Relax.
1. EXERCISE!!!!!

How can we manage this?

Firstly, you need to identify the food that we should not eat.
Next, you need to find what exactly is inside the food