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Briana Cole 9/28/14
Bullying is a distinctive pattern of deliberately harming and humiliating others. Jamie was a person that was bullied for being a homosexual. He brought his story to court by taking his middle and high school principal and assistant principal to court to justify his 14th amendment, the right to equal protection by discriminating against him based on his gender or sexual orientation. Jamie was one of many that was being bullied and was petrified to go to school each day. This film was focused on a young boy names Jamie Nabozny who was targeted of physical violence and degrading acts by his classmates. When Jamie turned to school administration for help, they told him he should expect to be bullied if he was going to be gay. Jamie reached his turning point he wanted a change and he wanted people to care and take charge. This film was necessary to address the issue of bullying to exercise the fact that it could’ve gotten farther as in suicide. It teaches you to be aware and it shows that school administrators have a personal responsibility to protect students from harassment. Jamie wanted the school district and the school administration to suffer just like he did and he wanted to do it as a change for others who went through or are going through the same fear. In Jamie’s story not a lot of people were on his side like some teachers and other people outside. The bystanders that Jamie was being encountered by were some of his teachers, the assistant principal and the principal. They turned him down and told him that it was because he was a homosexual and they couldn’t do anything about it. Jamie’s final days in high school was torture from getting beat up so bad that he had to get surgery, physical abuse and constant harassment Jamie decided to drop