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Unit 10
D1 ) In England they only use two frameworks. The frame works we use are called the Early Years Foundations Stage(EYFS) And the National Curriculum the use the EYFS from 0- 4years & from 4 years to 18 they use the National Curriculum.

D2) From birth till 4years of age they use the EYFS. The EYFS is
They use this because its more simple and less harder for the children to use. Furthermore it's more practical because the children are still young and not advance to be using the National Curriculum. Children that are in year one and year two use the National Curriculum. They are in key stage one and would be using this they will be learning simple and basic leading such as doing guiding reading and phonics. Phonics helps the child to pronounce the words of the alphabet properly & guiding reading will support the child's learning in various things. Key stage three is when they are still in primary school but they are in year 4, year 5 and year 6. The things they will be learning will be able to help them for when they go to secondary school what is more advance for there learning for when they start to attended secondary school. Key stage four is when they are in secondary school for the from the ages from 11years to 16years this stage if learning will be more intense because it will be getting the ready for what ever they want to be doing in the future. For example in secondary school there in a more intense learning environment. From year 7 till year 9 they will be learning things such mathematics , sacticks , English , litctriture, food technology , business , another language such as Chinese , French or Spanish etc. These lessons will be then made into a GCSE'S so that the students can take them as exams. Furthermore depending on the results will be depending on what course they want to take in key stage five and what level. For example if a child aged 16 got 4 gcse's graded from e-d they will be put on level one for any course in college where as a child that get gcse's graded c and above the could be on a more advanced level in key stage five such as level 2 and 3 in any course that they chose. In 2012 the new law changed that every child in England must be in Full time education up until the age of 18 years old unless they are working. ( in this bracket write where you got this then put in in bibliography )
D3 -
In the activity the child will be learning how to cook with their parent or carer. They will be learning how to cook chicken and rice . This activity is fur children aged 13years of age. To make this you will need
- chicken
- a fraying pan
- and source-pan
- oil
- water
- tray
- a pinch of salt
- and any additional spices that you want to to put on your meat
- you would also need an oven to out the chicken it at 180.

In this activity the child will be doing painting out side. The aged range is for children aged 4years and there parents or cares can take part in it too.
To do this you will need aprons so the child and your self don't get yourself messy.
You will need - coloured paint
- paint brushes
- aprons
- paper
- leaves
And a bucket of water
In this activity the child will learn that they can use out door natural substances to make art they will be learning this in a fun way by using the leaves to dip them into paint and printing then leaves in paint on paper.

In this activity the child will be reading a story book to their parents or carers. In this activity you will need to be seated with your child so you can teach them how to read and use the correct grammar. In this activity the child is aged 11years of age

Activities at home

In the activity of helping your child , you will be supporting your child by teaching them a new skill for example in the activity you we be teaching your child how to cook, you will be supporting your child to cook by showing them how to clean the chicken by washing the chicken then you will then go onto helping your child