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The Cost of Heath Care
Antonio Campos

July 1, 2013

One of the most controversial topics now days is health care and that is because it affects the person who seeks it directly. Health care can be an issue when is not handle appropriate and not make wise choices when it comes to it. One way that this topic would go smoothly is when there is communication among those who are in charge and those who use this method. When health care becomes too much the best way to handle it is to find solutions that will benefit not only the patient but the community.
Health care is any activity that is intended to improve the state of physical, mental, or social function of people it comprises a wide spectrum of activities including for health promotion, disease prevention, creative care rehabitation, long term and palliative care. It is also to maintain and restore of health by treatment or prevention of disease. Another definition of health care is any field or enterprise concerned with supplying services, equipment information, for the maintenance or restoration of health. This health care can be provide by trained and licensed professionals in which could be in medicine, dentistry, clinical psychology, and public health. Also by a health provider which is the one that provides health care in which is an individual or an institution that provides preventive, curative, promotional, or rehabitative health care services in a systematic way to individual, families or communities.
Health care is offer to people when is necessary but who pays for it? One way is by Government funds that help those people with low incomes. These programs are called Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare is national entitlement program run by the federal government that provides funding to eligible individuals. It is administrated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services, a federal agency within the Department of Health and Human Services. This program covers people over age 65 or older, people under 65 with certain disabilities, and any age with end-stage-renal stage disease. Medicare contained three parts and that is Part A in which helps cover inpatient care hospitals and cover skilled nursing facility. Part B cover physician’s service and outpatient care, and cover some preventive services. The last part is D in which cover the cost of prescription drugs. Medicaid on the other hand is a program offer for those who are low income and cannot afford health care insurance. “All state Medicaid programs generally cover hospital inpatient and outpatient services, physician and other professional services, and long term care services, some nurse provided services, some educational programs, screening services and to a varying degree dental care. Optional services under federal guidelines may extend the minimum required services to include a wider array of clinical care, drugs, eye care and enhanced dental care.”(McClellan, 2011) A third program is the State Children’s Health Insurance Program in which is finance by the federal and state government and administered by the states. This program covers uninsured children under the age of 19 whose families earn up to $36,200/year for a family of four. It covers for the following: doctor’s visits, immunizations, hospitalizations, and ER visits for little or no cost.
Some other ways that health care is cover is by Commercial Insurance in which private insurance companies like Aetna and Cigna provide full range of insurance products to their customers. Another is Group insurance coverage provided by their employers. The employers pays an annual premium to a health insurance provider for a health plan that is offered to employees. Employees may pay a percentage of this premium to receive the health benefits. Individual insurance is another way in which it may be purchased by a person or family with premiums varying by age, health status and other factors. Two examples of health